Showroom Design Expert Ellen Cheever Leaves Mark on Allure

Allure Cabinetry & Showroom is more than a showroom – it’s an experience.

More than 20 displays, including cutting-edge kitchens, spectacular bathrooms and breathtaking outdoor living areas, as well as a wine room, bar room, home office and library can be found throughout the 8,400-square-foot space located at 3573 Mercantile Avenue in Naples.

Conceived as the ultimate one-stop-and-you’re-done showroom for builders, architects, interior designers and homeowners looking to build new homes or improve an existing one, Allure showcases not only the finest of products, but the latest trends.

The layout and design of Allure Cabinetry and Showroom was no accident. The placement of every display was carefully planned with the help of Ellen Cheever, an author and marketing specialist whose innovative design solutions has helped shape and create showroom spaces over the past 44 years throughout the country.

“The biggest challenge at Allure was taking such a large space and make it human in scale,” said Cheever. “Clients need to feel comfortable the minute they walk through the door.”

That’s not a problem at Allure.

When clients enter the showroom they step into a large, open space with high ceilings. To the left is a luxurious tub with cascading waterfall behind it. To the right is an entertainment area with fireplace, bar and wood floor. A short distance ahead, just past a modern kitchen display, is the reception counter complete with coffee bar on the back wall.

Cheever said the openness of the showroom’s entrance has a purpose.

“Florida showrooms are designed differently from those in other parts of the country,” stated Cheever. “Florida is all about expansive, open spaces, and the showroom at Allure reflects that.”

According to Cheever, the purpose of a showroom is to allow the public to see a wide variety of different products and materials in real-life settings.

“That’s what Allure is all about – helping clients visualize their dream kitchen, dream bath or whatever room they want to add or change to enhance their Florida lifestyle,” said Cheever. “A showroom is a place where dreams are realized.”

A buyer’s biggest fear, according to Cheever’s research, is not getting what they thought they bought. “By seeing a display in a showroom they know exactly what they’ll be getting,” she said.

The displays at Allure actually play multiple roles.

“If a client is interested in a particular kitchen design for instance, rather than moving to a small conference room with the door closed, they can sit right at the kitchen counter,” said Cheever. “It’s a much more comfortable and relaxing environment to discuss their vision.”

It’s also very practical considering Florida’s demographic.

“Florida has an older clientele than many states. Having spots where people can sit, especially at or by the displays, not only gives them a place to rest and relax, but keeps product lines in front of them.”

The Allure showroom was also designed to be respectful of a client’s time.

“All baths are located in one area. All contemporary products or styles are also grouped together. This prevents wasting time as clients can be focus on exactly what they are looking for and see everything available just a short distance from each other,” said Cheever.

The final feature of Allure’s well-designed showroom is its ability to change.

“Over the years old displays will be replaced with new displays to reflect the changing styles and tastes,” said Cheever. “So the space you design today must be flexible for the popular trends of tomorrow.”

Allure Cabinetry & Showroom is Southwest Florida's ultimate showroom for builders. architects, interior designers and homeowners to view the latest trends in cutting edge custom cabinetry. Our 8400 square foot showroom showcasing 20 high-end displays, including five state-of-the-art kitchens.

Our team of designers, installers, and managers is on hand and ready to ensure that every aspect of your project is perfect. Allure Cabinetry will turn you dream into reality.

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